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On Demand Migration Current - Active Directory Release Notes

Release Notes

Quest® On Demand Migration – Active Directory

Release Notes

Dec 13, 2022

This release of Quest® On Demand Migration – Active Directory includes the following solutions:

  • Directory Sync

    Directory Sync can set up and maintain an Active Directory sync, an Azure AD sync, or even a sync between Active Directory and Azure AD. Users in merging organizations can find each other in a unified Global Address List (GAL).

  • Active Directory

    Active Directory enables you to migrate Active Directory to accelerate your enterprise M&A and modernization initiatives. Quest® On Demand Migration – Active Directory is a solution that integrates and migrates Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and hybrid directory environments without requiring trusts, SQL, network connectivity, or installing servers.

  • Domain Move

    Domain Move provides the “Domain Cutover” or move functionality. This powerful feature guides the migration operator through the entire domain move process and automates many of the steps.

  • Domain Rewrite

    On Demand Migration provides the “Domain Rewrite” or Email Rewrite (ERS) functionality. This powerful feature allow end users to communicate from a common email domain from Day One—on both inbound and outbound mail—so you present as a unified, cohesive brand. And, you get all of this without downtime — so you won’t have critical gaps in communication.

View the online Quest® On Demand Migration – Active Directory User Guide for more information:


These release notes provide information about the Quest® On Demand Migration – Active Directory release.




New Features

New features in this deployment:

  • For Domain Move, the new option: "Only Set as Primary Email Address When Address is Primary in the Source Tenant" is now available when selecting "As Primary Email Address" for Target Address Assignment. This new option will allow administrators to add the address as Primary if the source is also Primary, otherwise it will be added as Secondary.

See also:


The following is a list of enhancements implemented in this deployment.

General enhancements

Enhancement Issue ID
The Source Password Monitor LDAP Filter field now appears directly below the Agent selection drop-down to clarify the purpose of the option. 37153
For License Expire notifications, if licenses have already been expired for more than 60 days and there is no active GDPR requests, an additional 30 days grace period before the hard-delete take places has been added. Email notifications are sent once every 10 days. 37154
The ExoPSSessionRefreshEnabled default value is set to 1. 37715

Resolved Issues

The following is a list of issues addressed in this deployment.

General resolved issues

Resolved Issue Issue ID
Duplicate device profiles cause exceptions during the Discovery process. 32784
Directory Sync is not displaying the OUs from parallel domains in the same forest. 35696
Unable to determine the target object type when running local to cloud workflow during stage data. 36353
The Directory Sync Agent Service Account Credential does not support special character “!” when validating the account when UPN is used. 36528
A WorkflowManager NullReferenceException was encountered during RunPolling. 36873
Not showing the correct no license page when there is no migration license. 37042
Device credential profiles fail to validate Domain Aliases with a period. 37065
A back button is displayed on the new project screen. 37089
The Directory Sync Agent authorization is case-sensitive. 37358
Deleted Shares result in orphaned jobs that cannot be canceled. 37391
The Exclude Unlicensed Objects filter does not filter Graph discovery objects. 37739
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