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On Demand Group Management Current - Release Notes

Release Notes

Quest® On Demand Group Management

Quest® On Demand Group Management

Release Notes


These release notes provide information about the On Demand Group Management release.


About this module

On Demand Group Management controls the chaos of managing Azure Active Directory (AD), Office 365, and on-premises groups with group creation policies for naming, attestation, expiration, quantity limits, and more. The Group Management module safely empowers users with self-service group creation, management, and group membership reporting.

New features

Release Notes > New features

New features in this release:

  • Added support for hybrid environment: Group Management not only supports pure Azure environment, but also manages groups from on-premises AD domains that are integrated with an Azure AD using Azure AD Connect.
    NOTE: An agent must be installed in your local network to manage on-premises groups. Before the installation, the agent installer must be extracted to a folder, and ensure that the file bin\OPGMService.exe in the folder is unblocked.
  • Moved tenant settings to the organization level.
    • The settings are now shared across all the directories added to your organization.
    • Added default approval process for self-services.
  • Added a new step to the attestation process for group owners. The group owner now has the option to remove group members after selecting to keep the group.
  • Added capabilities to the role Group Management administrator:
    • Approve or reject a request on behalf of the current approver.
    • Cancel a request on behalf of the requester.
  • Redesigned Dashboard.
  • Redesigned the Activities tab in the admin portal.
    • Added a new sub tab "Admin Approvals" to show all the requests pending approval by Group Management administrator.
    • Renamed the sub tab "Admin Services" to "Admin Attestations".
    • Renamed the sub tab "Auto Services" to "Auto Attestations".
  • Changed the page where users are redirected to after logging in to the self-service portal. The My Approvals page now opens after users log in successfully.

Deprecated features

Release Notes > Deprecated features

The following is a list of features that are no longer supported starting with this release:

  • Resource management: Removed all features and settings related to the resource management.
  • User management: Removed all features and settings related to the user management.
  • Role management: Removed the "Roles" and "Directory Administrators" tiles from the Settings page.
  • Notification service: Removed the notification Inbox at the top right of the page.

Known issues

Release Notes > Known issues

The following is a list of issues, including those attributed to third-party products, known to exist at the time of release.

Table 1: General known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
Group Management is not fully compatible with Internet Explorer. ODGMS-6654
Cannot show the Description value of a mail-enabled security group or distribution list from Office 365. ODGMS-5913
Updating group description is only supported for Office 365 groups and cloud-only security groups. ODGMS-5442
The attestation report needs to be improved for better readability. ODGMS-5343

Group Management does not support guest users, room mailboxes, or equipment mailboxes.


Group might be unexpectedly deleted due to attestation. It might happen when all the owners of a group are on-premises users and cannot sign to the self-service portal to respond.

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