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Metalogix StoragePoint 5.9.2 - Known Issues

Known Issues



Metalogix continues to refine StoragePoint by incorporating additional features/enhancements that were requested as well as addressing issues experienced by our customers in implementing and maintaining Metalogix StoragePoint. Despite these best efforts some known issues still remain that are useful to be aware of before installing or upgrading the StoragePoint implementation.

Installer May Not Always Rollback on Abort

Depending on how far into the process, the installer may not be able to rollback all performed operations. It is recommended that verification is performed in Central Administration that the solution was successfully deployed if installing/repairing/upgrading or successfully retracted if removing. Look under Solution Management on the Operations page to check the state of the bluethread.storagepoint.feature.wsp feature.

Installer May Fail if Critical Updates Are Missing

Although this may apply to other updates, the StoragePoint installer may fail if the update for Visual C++ is not installed. Please see this link:

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