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MessageStats 7.7.2 - Report Pack for Exchange ActiveSync User Guide

About the Report Pack for Exchange ActiveSync

About the Report Pack for Exchange ActiveSync

The MessageStats Report Pack for Exchange ActiveSync allows you to gather data from Exchange ActiveSync servers and view reports about your mobile infrastructure, users, and mobile devices.

When you install the report pack, the installer adds new ActiveSync-specific gathering tasks and also extends one of the core MessageStats gatherings to include information for Exchange ActiveSync servers. Specifically the report pack extends the Server Uptime gathering to store server uptime statistics for the ActiveSync Server Uptime report.

The core MessageStats database is extended to include ActiveSync and mobile device information that has been gathered. The installer also installs the Report Pack Task Processor and the new ActiveSync reports.

Report Pack Components

The MessageStats Report Pack for Exchange ActiveSync is comprised of the following components:

Complete Installations

In a typical environment, all of the MessageStats components (or features) are installed on the same physical server using a complete installation. This type of installation is recommended for small enterprises.

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