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KACE Systems Management Appliance 11.0 Common Documents - Release Notes

Quest® KACE® Systems Management Appliance 11.0 Release Notes

Quest® KACE® Systems Management Appliance 11.0 Release Notes

This document provides information about the KACE Systems Management Appliance version 11.0.

About KACE Systems Management Appliance 11.0

About KACE Systems Management Appliance 11.0

KACE Systems Management Appliance is a virtual appliance designed to automate device management, application deployment, patching, asset management, and Service Desk ticket management. For more information about KACE Systems Management Appliance series, go to This release contains a number of new features, resolved issues, and security enhancements.

New features and enhancements

New features and enhancements

This release of the KACE Systems Management Appliance includes the following features and enhancements.


Windows On-demand Deploy for patches: The appliance supports a new patch schedule type that allows end users to trigger a deploy action using a tray icon.
Security Dashboard: A new Security dashboard enables a much easier understanding of the patching state of the devices in inventory.
Patch Schedule Wizard and Patch Results: This version includes a new workflow for creating patch schedules, and presents patching results in a way that is easier to understand.

Device security

Device security improvements: Security improvements are added in this release, such as agent quarantine measures, to provide more options for securing the communication channels, including auto-assignment to organizations based on tokens.

To allow exposing the appliance to the internet and maximize security, port 52230 does not allow access to the appliance's web interface. If you want to have outside access to the appliance’s web interface, then do not configure 443 to 52230 port forward on the firewall.

For more information, review this Knowledge Base article:

General server security enhancements: The appliance includes several security enhancements in this version. Appliance user interface hardening along with agent tunneling and quarantine allow for a much more secure deployment, inside or outside of the demilitarized zone (DMZ).


Ticket approval: You can now approve Service Desk tickets in the KACE GO app.
HTML editor: An HTML editor is added to the Summary, Resolution, and Comments ticket fields, helping you to improve the readability of entered contents using common formatting tags. 

Administrator Console

Embedded videos: Starting in this release, the slide-out help allows you to browse through any available training videos associated with the current page. You can play a video on the help pane, in a smaller window outside of the page, or on the target Knowledge Base page that hosts the video.
Improved left-side navigation: Selecting an item in the left pane now only expands the menu, without opening the page associated with the top item. You can also expand multiple top-level menus at once, allowing you to better understand the product.
Custom logos: Customer-provided appliance logos can now be defined in the Administrator Console and the System Administration Console.
Background color for a custom login portal: Login portal background color can now be customized for all user interfaces.
Automatic organization selection at login: Each organization-specific Administrator Console and User Console can be accessed directly using virtual IP or host name configuration. This allows users to bypass organization selection at login.

Service Desk

Ticket template improvements: A new layout is added to Service Desk ticket templates, helping you better organize the ticket contents if the template includes fields of variable height. You can also break up ticket contents into separate sections using a separator.
Embedded images and screen shots in ticket fields: You can now include images and screen shots in the ticket Summary and Comments fields, allowing you to better communicate ticket-related issues.
“Take this ticket” shortcut: The Tickets list page includes a new control that you can use to quickly assign a ticket to yourself.
Process ticket improvements: You can quickly create a process ticket by email for an existing process template by specifying the process template name in the Subject field. You can also schedule ticket processes to begin on a specified recurring schedule.
NOTE: In previous versions, ticket archival schedules allowed you to select None as the schedule option. This option is removed in this release and if you previously had any ticket archival schedules using this option, after the upgrade, they will be automatically updated to run every day.

Other features

Credential manager updates: LDAP Label configurations can now use the Credential Manager to store and share credentials.
Ability to add categories to scripts: Each script may be sorted or filtered by an assigned custom category.
New VMware widgets on the Inventory dashboard: The following widgets are added to the Inventory Dashboard: VMware Device Counts, VMware ESXi Version Counts, VMware Device Reports, and VMware ESXi Device By Status.
New OS support: This release includes support for CentOS 6 to 8.
NOTE: Charlie Root emails generated by the appliance did not contain useful information and often lead to confusion. For that reason, these emails are no longer generated and sent to the administrator. For more information, see K1-21001 in Resolved issues.



The following is a list of enhancements implemented in this release.


Issue ID

It was not possible to allow Credentials specific access through Roles.


FTP/SFTP offboard backup improved performance and Public Key Authentication for SFTP.


Managed OS widget in Dashboard did not display version number.


Customize User Fields is now accessible through the Choose Action menu on the Users list page.


It was not possible to reset history settings to default values.


Agentless support for vSphere 7.0 is added in this release.


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