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Foglight for vCloud Director 6.0.0 - User Guide

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Foglight allows you to create flexible rules that can be applied to complex, interrelated data from multiple sources within your distributed system. You can associate several different actions with a rule, configure a rule so that it does not fire repeatedly, and associate a rule with schedules to define when it should and should not be evaluated.

Different types of data can be used in rules, including registry variables, raw metrics, derived metrics, and topology object properties.

There are two types of rules in Foglight for vCloud Director: simple rules and multiple-severity rules. A simple rule has a single condition, and can be in one of three states: Fire, Undefined, or Normal. A multiple-severity rule can have up to five severity levels: Undefined, Fatal, Critical, Warning, and Normal.

Rule conditions are regularly evaluated against monitoring data (metrics and topology object properties collected from your monitored environment and transformed into a standard format). Therefore, the state of the rule can change if the data changes. For example, if a set of monitoring data matches a simple rule’s condition, the rule enters the Fire state. If the next set does not match the condition, the rule exits the Fire state and enters the Normal state.

A rule condition is a type of expression that can be true or false. When it evaluates to true, the rule is said to fire, causing any actions that are associated with the rule or severity level to be performed. You can configure a rule to perform one or more actions upon entering or exiting each state. When a multiple-severity rule fires, an alarm also appears in Foglight for vCloud Director.

For more information see the Foglight for vCloud Director Administration and Configuration Help.

Foglight for VMware provides an effective monitoring solution for the vCloud infrastructure. The rules included with this product alert you about virtual infrastructure problems.

When service degradations are detected, Foglight for vCloud Director sends alerts to the event console. Optionally, Foglight for vCloud Director can be configured to send emails, pager messages, or perform other actions you define. Performance data can be viewed, analyzed, and reported using Foglight for vCloud Director.

Foglight for VMware includes the following groups of rules:

vCloud Director Dependencies Rule

This section describes the vCloud Director Dependency rule:

vCloudDependenciesRefresher rule

This rule refreshes all objects found in the vCloud dependency map.

vCloud Director Rules

This section lists and describes the vCloud Director rules. Rules in this section:

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