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Foglight for vCloud Director 6.0.0 - User Guide

Getting Started Setting Up Monitoring Agents Investigating Resource Consumption Levels Investigating Object Dependencies Reference

Getting Started with the Dependency Map

The vCloud VM Dependency dashboard visualizes the relationships between the different objects in your environment through an interactive map. The map illustrates how different components relate to each other, and the levels of the available resources available to them.

To access this dashboard, under Dashboards, choose vCloud Director > vCloud Dependency.

Navigating the Object Hierarchy

The vCloud Dependency view appearing on the navigation tab shows a navigation tree representing a simplified map of your monitored objects, and pertinent alarm information.

On the right of each object in the vCloud Dependency view status indicators are displayed. Each status indicator represents the alarm of the highest severity that is generated against the object. For an object type container, the status indicator represents the alarm of highest severity that is outstanding for all objects of that type.

When you select an object from the vCloud Dependency view, the vCloud Logic Dependency dashboard displays a dependency map showing the selected object and any dependencies that it may have with other physical and virtual components in your monitored environment.

Figure 38. Dependency map

The information appearing in this view is organized into two tabs:

vCD Dependency tab

The vCD Dependency tab illustrates the logical dependencies between the monitored objects. To open this tab, on the navigation panel, under vCloud Dependency, click vCD Dependency.

Figure 39. vCD Dependency tab

On this tab, your monitored vCloud appears as the root of the navigation tree, with all of its organizations, provider vDCs, resource pools, and datastores. Organization vDCs appear as child nodes of organizations. This structure illustrates the hierarchy of monitored objects in your vCloud Director infrastructure. Use this view to quickly locate a desired object using the logical hierarchy within your vCloud, and to explore any related dependencies.

vSphere Dependency tab

The vSphere Dependency tab focuses on the relationships between organizations and virtual machines. To open this tab, on the navigation panel, under vCloud Dependency, click vSphere Dependency.

Like the vCD Dependency tab, this tab also displays the monitored vCloud Director® as the root of the navigation tree, with organizations, ESX hosts, and datastores immediately below. The tree also displays virtual machines organized into vApps. Use this view to quickly find any of these components and investigate their effect on the performance of virtual machines in your environment.

Figure 40. vSphere Dependency tab

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