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Foglight for Automation Action Packs 7.1.0 - VMware ActionPack User Guide

Using the Foglight for VMware vCenter ActionPack
Output Parameters Add CD-ROM (ISO) Add Existing Virtual Disk Add CD-ROM Add Virtual Disk Add Virtual NIC Bind Networks Clone VM Create Snapshot Create VM Edit VM Enter In Maintenance Mode Exit From Maintenance Mode Get MAC Addresses Get Host State Get VM Metrics Get VM State Get Writable Datastore on VM Host Move VM Reboot Guest OS Reboot Host Register VM Remove All NICs Remove NICs Extended Remove All Snapshots Remove All Virtual Disks Remove Virtual Disks Extended Remove Snapshot Remove VM Reset VM Revert Snapshot Resolve NICs Set Custom Attribute Set Annotation Set Virtual NIC Network Set VM CPU Allocation Set VM Guest ID Set VM Memory Set VM Memory Allocation Set VM Name Set VM Virtual CPU Shutdown Guest OS Shutdown Host Standby Guest OS Start VM Stop VM Suspend VM Unregister VM

Using the Foglight for VMware vCenter ActionPack

This Foglight for VMware vCenter ActionPack User and Reference Guide provides requirements, configuration instructions, conceptual information, and instructions on how to use the Foglight for VMware vCenter ActionPack. With the Foglight for VMware vCenter ActionPack, Foglight can connect to a VMware vCenter Server and manage ESX servers and virtual machines.

This guide is intended for any user who wants to manage VMware vCenter hosts and virtual machines using Foglight.

This describes the requirements that need to be met for the ActionPack for VMware vCenter to work properly, and outlines the actions available in the actionpack.

VMware vCenter



vCenter Server v5.0

vCenter Server v4.0 (vSphere)

vCenter Server v2.5 update 4

vCenter v2.5 update 3

vCenter v2.5 update 2

vCenter v2.5 update 1


This section contains information about the actions included in the ActionPack for VMware vCenter.

Output Parameters


Topology Object

[VMWVirtualMachine-Mks-Ticket]. An object that has credentials to log in to graphic console without password. This is a single use only parameter that has a time limit of up to 2 minutes.


Adds a virtual CD-ROM (ISO image).

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