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erwin Data Intelligence Suite 11.0 - erwin DI BUP Release Notes

erwin DI BUP

Release Notes

erwin DI Business User Portal (BUP) v11.0 Release Notes walk you through the new features and guides you to the technical documentation.


What's New

The latest erwin DI Business User Portal (BUP) version, v11.0, has the following new features:

My Actions

Asset Assignment Reports

Application Security

The following sections explain each feature in brief. For detailed information about features, refer to the Detailed Features List.

My Actions

erwin DI BUP now enables better and quicker collaboration with your team via the My Actions feature. You can create tasks, create access requests, and log issues using this feature.

Asset Assignment Reports

erwin DI BUP now provides a birds-eye-view of user or role-based asset assignments in your environment via the Reports feature.

Application Security

erwin DI BUP now has an added layer of security to safeguard your application and data from misuse via the Security feature. This feature enables a user and IP address lockout in case of multiple failed login attempts.

Technical Documentation

The technical documentation, including the installation, configuration, and user guides is available in the erwin DI BUP v 11.0 Bookshelf.



Product Licensing

For licensing information, contact Support or use the web licensing form, or contact your license administrator. Provide the required information to submit a license request.



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