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Enterprise Reporter 3.2.2 - Report Manager User Guide

Quest Enterprise Reporter Report Manager Introducing the Report Manager Running and Scheduling Reports Creating and Editing Reports Troubleshooting Issues with Enterprise Reporter

Other Issues

The following table outlines other issues that you may encounter using the Report Manager.

Dragging and dropping does not work.

Drag and drop works as follows:

You cannot create a report.

Depending on your access level, you may not be able to create reports in Published Reports. You cannot add reports to the Library. If you want to add reports to Published Reports so that all users connected to the Reporter server can use the report, you can either copy the report and paste it into Published Reports, or you can import a report definition. For more information, see Copying Reports .

Drop-down lists in parameter cards are empty.

The drop-down lists are populated by data collected by discoveries. One reason for an empty list may be that there is no relevant data. For more information, contact your Enterprise Reporter administrator or see the Quest Enterprise Reporter Configuration Manager User Guide in the Technical Documentation.

If this is not the case, large data sets may take a while to appear on the drop-down list. In this case, you will see a progress indicator. Wait for the data to load, and proceed with your report.

Your reports timeout while generating.

You can increase the amount of time allowed to connect to the database using the System Configuration | Database Settings.

You get a warning about a linked report that is missing:

"The <ExchangeReportName> report cannot be found. Ensure that this report exists in your Enterprise Reporter library:
My Reports\<PathToReport>

This warning indicates that you are trying to drill down to a report that is missing. This may occur in the following situations:

The report administrator must ensure that the report listed in the warning has been published. For more information, see Publishing Reports .

Then, you must copy the missing report from published reports to the location listed in the warning. For more information, see Copying Reports .


Viewing Information About Your Enterprise Reporter Configuration

Understanding your system setup can be useful when troubleshooting. You can use the System Information page to determine where your console, Reporter server and Reporter database are hosted, what port the server is using to communicate, your software version, and other similar information you may find helpful in resolving issues.

Click the System Information tab.

Troubleshooting Issues with Quest Knowledge Portal

The following table outlines other issues that you may encounter using the Quest Knowledge Portal.

When attempting to load the Quest Knowledge Portal website, the main pane just displays "Loading..."

This may be the result of the Quest Knowledge Portal web site not being in a trusted zone, or Internet Explorer Compatibility mode being disabled.

Please try the following:

Open Internet Explorer | Internet Options | Security tab.
Select Local Intranet at the top.
Click the Sites button.
Click on Tools | Compatibility View Settings and add the web page.


Starting the Enterprise Reporter Log Viewer

Click System | Information | Log Viewer | View Logs
Click System Information | log viewer |View Logs
Click Programs | Quest | Enterprise Reporter | Log Viewer
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