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Enterprise Reporter 3.2.2 - Report Manager User Guide

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Changing Account Names Using the Credential Manager

In general, if you want to change an account name, it is recommended that you create a new credential, and delete the old one. However, in the case where you want to replace the credentials in use in a number of places in Enterprise Reporter, the Credential Manager enables you to make a single change and have it be applied across your deployment. For example, if you are provided a new service credential to replace a credential used for a dozen nodes in your environment, you can change the account name on the credential.

If you modify credentials that are used by a discovery node, the node service must be restarted before the changes take effect. Enterprise Reporter will attempt to restart the node; however, if the restart fails, you may need to manually start the service on the computer hosting the node. If there are jobs currently running on the node, they will be canceled. To prevent this, either change the credentials during a down time, or cancel the discoveries yourself and restart them once the change takes effect.

Click Authenticate.
Click Sign In.
Click Verify.

Organizing Reports

My Reports can be organized by creating report categories, and if you are a reporting administrator, you can organize Published Reports. You can then copy reports between containers and categories, or move reports within containers.

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Working with Report Categories

You can use categories to group reports together. You can also move and copy categories the same way you do reports.

Select the My Reports container.
Click Create and select Category.
Click Delete.

Moving Reports

You can move reports from one category to another within a container.

Right-click the report and click Cut, then right-click the desired destination, and click Paste.
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