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Enterprise Reporter 3.2.2 - Report Manager User Guide

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Deleting a Schedule

If you no longer need a schedule, you can delete it. All scheduled reports are removed, and need to be run manually or added to another schedule.

If you are a reporting administrator, you can delete any schedule. For example, if an employee leaves, you can remove all of their schedules.

Click Delete.
Click Yes to confirm.

Running a Schedule

When you run a schedule, all reports on the schedule are immediately run with their current parameter values. Reports are delivered as defined in the schedule. You can also run a single report with the current parameter values.

Click Run All Reports.
Click Run Now.

Disabling or Enabling a Schedule

When the need arises, you can disable a schedule to keep the reports on that schedule from running at their normal times. The Next Run will indicate that the schedule is Disabled. When you are ready to resume running the schedule, using the same icon, you can enable the schedule.

Click the Disable Schedule icon.
Click the Enable Schedule icon.

Viewing Schedule History

You can view the history for a schedule. The history shows the last ten times the schedule ran and any corresponding errors for each report in the schedule.

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