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Enterprise Reporter 3.2.2 - Report Manager User Guide

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Configuring Global Settings (System Configuration)

There are several settings on the System Configuration page that you can manage for Enterprise Reporter:

Each user of Report Manager can configure the amount of logging information that is collected from each Report Manager computer. We recommend the default setting of Debug to collect as much information as possible. The following logging levels are available:

You can manage credentials for use throughout the system. For more information, see Using the Credential Manager .

If you are a reporting administrator, you can configure a default SMTP server. This makes it easier for reporting users to configure delivery of reports by email. For more information, see Configuring a Default SMTP Server .

Knowledge Portal is a cross product online reporting platform. Once Knowledge Portal is deployed, you can configure Enterprise Reporter to enable publishing. Reports can then be published, allowing users to generate reports using a web browser instead of the Report Manager. For more information, see Configuring Knowledge Portal .

Enterprise Reporter can be configured to bypass the login screen. This eliminates the need to enter the server and port information.

Click Manage bypass of the login screen.
Optionally, enable Show the login dialog at startup.

Report administrators can configure a custom icon for report headers. There is an option for all new reports to use the icon automatically. Reports that have custom layouts may need to have their layout adjusted to accommodate the custom icon. For more information, see Changing the report icon .

You can configure Enterprise Reporter to save your favorite parameter values within each report type. Your favorites can then be loaded when running reports that contain these parameters. For more information, see how To enter a parameter value .

Enterprise Reporter can be configured to display or suppress a login notification indicating that the Enterprise Reporter server has unexpectedly restarted since the last login.

On the System | Configuration page, click Manage server error notification.
Select Do not show server restarted error to suppress the notification.

You can increase the timeouts for the Enterprise Reporter server. Connection Timeout controls how long the server has to establish a connection to the database, the Command Timeout controls the amount of time available for processing a command on the database, and the Report Command Timeout controls the amount of time allowed for report generation. For more information, see Troubleshooting Connection Timeouts .


Running and Scheduling Reports

Running Reports

This section outlines how to run reports, work with parameters, find reports, view report properties, preview a report, and export a report.

See also:

Running Category Reports

Category reports run and display in the report pane when the category is selected in the treeview of the Report Manager. You will find categories equipped with default category reports in Active Directory, File Storage Analysis and Exchange. For more information, see Exchange Reports and File Storage Analysis Reports .

See also:

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