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Binary Tree Power365 Current - Power365 Tenant-to-Tenant Migration Quick Start Guide


This guide is designed to provide a quick reference for getting set up with Power365 Basic and Advanced Migration projects.

At the end of this guide you will be familiar with set up, requirements, and deployment components.


This guide covers the setup of migration services from one Microsoft 365 tenant to another Microsoft 365 tenant. However, additional scenarios are supported as outlined below.

This guide does not cover integration services, but these services can easily be enabled without amendments to the information provided in this guide. The migration of servers and workstations are also not covered in this guide.

Visit us for more information about integration services and Active Directory migrations.

Supported Migration Paths

The following describes the supported migration paths.

  1. Tenant-to-Tenant – Covered in this guide. This is the classic Tenant-to-Tenant migration project when one cloud or hybrid environment is migrating to another.

  2. On-boarding to Cloud – When an on-premises Exchange environment is migrating to the cloud.

  3. Exchange-to-Exchange – When one on-premises Exchange environment is migrating to another.

These setup scenarios may include the entire tenant or just a subset of resources.

Supported Migration Projects

Supported Migration Projects

The following describes the supported migration project models.

  1. Big-Bang Migrations – Migrating all your data at once.

  2. Phased Migrations – Migrating data over time. 

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