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Download Change Auditor 7.1.1 Full Maintenance Release (build


Change Auditor 7.1.1 Latest Build (Full Maintenance Release)
The design of Change Auditor does not allow traditional hotfixes or patches to be applied. The Change Auditor Development team releases a roll-up patch every 4-6 weeks that includes all fixes created (including those delivered and not delivered to customers) since the previous build was released. 
This build is cumulative, meaning if version (for example) is installed you can safely install the version in this solution and not lose any fixes or functionality provided in a previous 7.1.1.x build. This is a full release, as in it does not require the GA Build (the General Availability Build). Customers can upgrade from previous versions directly to this maintenance build, following the appropriate upgrade instructions found in the product documentation.
The version of Change Auditor 7.1.1.x that is available as a download on is version (the GA Build).

Please refer to the Support Portal knowledge base article 330773 for additional information and instructions on implementing.